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General Secretary's Report to 24th WPF 2022 Congress


General Secretary's Report to 24th WPF 2022 Congress

Despite the difficult Situation that does not allow Athletes to freely travel to other Countries and participate in Tournaments, as well as the still existing COVID-19, the WPF as a whole held a sufficient number of Tournaments, and some Tournaments are still scheduled for the End of 2022.

Thus, the following Championships were successfully held in the UK: SCOTTISH OPEN INTERNATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS in Scotland on 23.04.2022, 2022 UK OPEN INTERNATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS in Wales on 02.10.2022. In addition, 2022 BPO BRITISH OPEN INTERNATIONAL BILATERAL CHAMPIONSHIPS is scheduled for 11.12.2022 in England, London. A new Division BILATERAL POWERLIFTING will be held at this Championship.

Many tournaments of various levels have also been successfully held in Russia.

The European Championship WPF 2022 was held, a new Division BILATERAL POWERLIFTING was tested on it. About 400 Athletes took part in this Tournament. Participants were from 25 regions of Russia: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Moscow region, Republic of Adygea, Bryansk region, Vladimir region, Vologda region, Republic of Kabardino-Balkaria, Kaluga region, Kirov region, Komi Republic, Kursk region, Lipetsk region, Omsk region , Pskov region, Rostov region, Samara region, Saratov region, Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), Sakhalin region, Smolensk region, Tver region, Tula region, Tyumen region, Chuvash Republic. There were also Athletes from other Countries: Azerbaijan, Moldova, Uzbekistan. 22-23.10.2022 will host the World Championship WPF 2022. A large number of Athletes have also applied for it. We look forward to the arrival of Athletes from India.

A lot of National level Tournaments have been held: Championship of Russia 2022, "MEGAPOLIS 2022", "KREMLIN BENCH PRESS 2022" / GRAND PRIX 2022. The "PROmotion 2022" Tournament is scheduled for the End of the Year.

Regional Tournaments: Moscow Region Championship 2022, Moscow Region Cup 2022, «MASTERS 2022», «ADRENALIN 2022», «RZHEVSKY LINE 2022». 12-13.11.2022 the Tournament "CAPITAL OF SIBERIA 2022" is scheduled.

We are also expanding the Geography of holding Tournaments in Russia. In addition to Moscow, we also hold Tournaments in the Moscow Region: Moscow Region Championship 2022, Moscow Region Cup 2022 – Meet director Vladimir Lazarev, MASTERS 2022 - Meet director Alexei Kotov; in the Tver region, Rzhev "RZHEVSKY LINE 2022" - Meet director Dmitry Ivasenko, in Novosibirsk "ADRENALIN 2022", "CAPITAL OF SIBERIA 2022" - Meet director Denis Kuklin.

I would also like to expand the Geography of the Tournaments in the International plan. For WPF, extension is important, new members are needed.

At International Tournaments, registration of World Records and European Records was carried out. Many Records were set, all of them are Recorded and posted on the WPF website https://wpfpowerlifting.ru/en/.

In 2022, the WPF Hall of Fame began to be hosted on the site. The Hall of Fame was previously hosted on a different site, which is now unavailable. Now we are trying to recover the information. David Thomas Carter GBR was inducted into the WPF Hall of Fame in 2016 and Andrew Shipman GBR in 2019. Information about them has been added to the new site. The rest require information. In 2021, the nominees are: Stuart Murry GBR, Yuriy Soloviev RUS, Ken Williams GBR.


Igor Soloviev – General Secretary - WPF - October 12, 2022


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