На всех турнирах WPF России, независимо от их статуса, во всех номинациях PRO - денежные призовые

Technical Officers Report to 24th WPF 2022 Congress


Technical Officers Report

I agree with and approve the amendments to the WPF Rules concerning the new Bilateral Powerlifting Division and the already established Multi Rep Bench Press Division.

We have successfully formulated new records  at National and International level for the newly introduced Bilateral Powerlifting Division (Bench Press & Deadlift).

The BPO will be hosting their first selection of competitors in this division at the Record Breakers annual Championships in London in December, Russia having already held successful Bilateral Championships and set many National and World records. 

There have been no further amendments to the rules this year.


Phil Beniston - Technical Officer - WPF - 15 October 2022


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