Report Web Master to 22nd WPF 2020 Congress


The Website contains Information about the planned Tournaments: place and date, divisions of performance, regulations and other information. On the Russian version of the Site there is an opportunity to register for the Tournament, the Divisions of the performance, the Schedule of weigh-in, performances and awards are displayed (

The Site also contains Protocols with the Results of the Athletes' Performances (

The Site also regularly updates WPF World Records, EPO European Records and BPO British Records. The Russian version of the site contains RPF Russian Records.

The Docs Section publishes General Rules, WPF World Congress Meeting Minutes and other Information.

The Site also contains Information about the Contacts of the Federation, Member Nations and other Information.

Information about the 22nd WPF 2020 Congress will be posted soon.


Igor Soloviev – Web Master – WPF – 11 November 2020




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