Report about World Championship 2018


Since stepping on the International Powerlifting platform in 1974 and attending World Powerlifting Championships ever since. To my very pleasant surprise, the Russian Powerlifting Federation have further raised the bar in our sport in hosting a most excellent championships.

Two platforms fully equipped, 4 mono lifts and 6 benches in the warm-up room. The biggest banner across the whole of the backdrop of the platform and a separate ceremony stage. A full complement of Officials all very smartly dressed for the purpose to their commitment to a most professional presence and adjudication at the 2018 WPF World Championships.

With 456 lifter entries, the task was mammoth, but tackled with precision and efficiency by all concerned and involved.

There were over 100 world records broken at these championships, in several bodyweight classes, categories and divisions to be witnessed.

All lifters were presented with unique medals and certificates of participation. Best category overall lifters received unique trophies.

Since my last visit to Moscow 31 years ago, I witnessed a massive transformation in culture and attitude with all the people. Russia is steeped in history and in the short time, site seeing was a delight to capture all its breath taking and endless historical locations in Moscow.

The leadership of the Russian Powerlifting Federation (PF) under Yuriy Soloviev, President and Vasiliy Filatov, Vice President was full of total commitment. Sergey Mavrenkov acting Technical Officer done a most superb job in managing all the most excellent referees Ms Elena Korovrina INT, Ms Diana Sinitsina INT, Vasiliy Filatov INT, Lysov Grigory INT, Sergery Mavrenkov INT, Ms Natali Blinkova NAT, Ms Nataliya Levenkova NAT, Ms Irina Smolentseva NAT, Alexsandr Drozdor NAT, Michael Evstigneev NAT, Vladimir Lazarev NAT and Nikolay Harkih NAT.

Natasha Royanova, RPF Secretary worked endlessly managing all the immense administration for the championships. Marina Komishnikova RPF for Public relations and a most helpful interpreter presented endless support to all concerned and the championships, especially for us non-speaking Russian visitors and TV interview.

The classified results and records have all been updated and concluded, thanks to the RPF Officers.

Igor Soloviev, RPF has agreed to take the reins to be the future WPF World Records Registrar.

My most sincere and hearty congratulations to all concerned in providing a dedicated first class World championships.

Thanking all the RPF Officers and Staff for all their professionalism and kindness during my stay in Moscow.


David Carter


World Powerlifting Federation



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